Your question: How many artifacts are there in scuba diving at Quill Lake?

Where is the penguin artifact in Quill Lake?

Quest Items

Quest Artifact Location Reward
Penguin Artifact -593, -331, -1952 ~~ Temple Interior 70 Cash.
Atlantis Vault Key -559, -264, -2303 ~~ Temple Interior Ability to open the Atlantean vault by clicking on it.
Ice Golem Head -823, -258, -1029 ~~ Ice Caves 60 Cash.
Teddy Bear -1068, -294, -79 ~~ Pirate Graveyard 50 Cash.

Are there sharks in Quill Lake?

-The main ice cavern is guarded by a blue skull and 1 shark. …

What does the power suit do in Quill Lake?

Power Suit: Allows you to enter the deep sea and carries an extra air tank. Costs $500 and requires all Power Suit components to purchase. It also takes 5 minutes to be created.

What is a quill Canada goose?

A quill lake goose is a CANADA goose (not canadian) from the quill lake area of Canada. They have a white area on the breast of the bird resembling a bikini top or a bra.

Where is the Dragonbone crown in Quill Lake?


Name Location/Area Selling Price
Elven Prince Crown In the cave at -109, -109, -424 18 Cash
Royal Crown In chest at -582, -281, -316 ~~ Deep Lake 20 Cash
Dragonbone Crown -684, -198, -410 ~~Deep Lake 20 Cash
Archduke of the Federation -597, -254, -313 ~~ Deep Lake 21 Cash
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Where is the guitar treasure in Quill Lake?

First you need the pirate disguise found in the shack to buy it, then talk to the cartographer in the beach, He will give you a map telling you to find a guitar then you have to go down to a pirate ship behind it is a chest click it and grab a note, After that you go to the pirate area you walk inside and look to your …

What is Quill Lake?

The Quill Lakes are three connected saline lakes in southeastern Saskatchewan. They are located 150 km north of Regina and 152 km east of Saskatoon. From west to east the lakes are named Big Quill, Middle Quill (also known as Mud Lake) and Little Quill.