Your question: Do you have to plug the holes in a kayak?

How do you put scupper plugs in a kayak?

How do you use scupper plugs? Just pop them in the holes to keep the cold water out. You might want to keep one or two scupper holes open to provide the perfect balance of drainage and a dry deck or you can remove one as needed, use a few scupper valves, use a bilge pump, or a sponge to get rid of excess water.

Why does my sit on kayak have holes in it?

The purpose of the scupper hole is to allow water that splashes on to the deck to drain back out and not pool underneath the paddler. Blocking these holes will keep tiny splashes from coming up from underwater through the holes but it will keep any water that makes its way onto the deck from draining back out.

Why do kayaks have small holes in the bottom?

A sit-on kayak is basically an air-filled plastic float and the scupper holes allow water to pass in and out of the kayak without allowing it to sink. With this design the paddler sits up off the water as well. … If you do not mind sitting in water or plan to paddle in breaking waves then you can leave them out.

What does self-bailing kayak mean?

Self-bailing means that the boat has holes in the floor so any water which comes over the side flows out again due to the speed of the kayak. Only our white water kayak has this characteristic, though.

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