You asked: What is a deep dive assessment?

How do you do a deep dive analysis?

It can be broken down into 5 steps: understand and observe, synthesize, visualize, prototype, and implement.

What is deep dive review?

Deep Dive Reviews are similar to a Health Check but focus on a particular issue or limited terms of reference rather than the full range of issues normally considered at a Health Check.

What constitutes a deep dive?

By recreational diving standards and according to PADI, any dive that exceeds 18 meters/ 60 feet and does not exceed 40 m/ 130 feet is considered a deep-water dive. However, you need to do the Deep Diver Specialty to get the skills to dive under 30 meters/ 100 feet.

How do you perform a deep dive risk?

The process is simple and includes the following:

  1. Identify your needs and the scope of the deep dive.
  2. Identify key stakeholders and relevant departments.
  3. Identify and review the focus area and supporting processes and practices.

What do you put in a deep dive?

A typical Deep Dive process

  1. Creation of Hot Teams to work on the opportunities/ problems (these teams work the process end to end)
  2. Brainstorming of ideas and options in the context of customer needs.
  3. Rapid Prototyping of potential solutions.
  4. Observing & Listening from Customers (internal and external)
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What is a deep dive interview?

‘ To dive deep is to analyze a specific topic in great detail. So when preparing for an interview, it is important to consider that the questions asked to require more extensive and profound responses.

What is a risk deep dive?

Deep dive in the context of risk A deep dive is a methodology used to immerse yourself in a risk event or to more thoroughly understand risk within a part of the business.

Why do a deep dive?

Deep Dive is a method where an individual or team conducts an intense, in-depth analysis of a certain problem or subject. The Deep Dive technique can be used by a single person or a group in order to brainstorm, problem-solve, or engage in idea creation.