Who were the Voyagers that set sail from England to reach Australia?

Who were the voyagers set sail from England to reach Australia Class 11?

Almost 250 years ago, Captain James Cook sailed on the voyage where he discovered Australia. ON 26 AUGUST 1768, The HMB Endeavour set sail from England’s Plymouth Harbour, under the command of Captain James Cook, an accomplished astronomer, navigator and surveyor.

Who were the voyagers set sail from England?

Explanation: Navigator and astronomer Captain James Cook claimed the whole of the east coast of Australia for Great Britain on 22 August 1770, naming eastern Australia ‘New South Wales.

Why did the author decide to go for a round the world voyage?

Answer: The narrator wanted to go on a ’round-the-world’ voyage by following Captain James Cook’s route. … he wanted to repeat the voyage taken by a sailer 200 yrs ago.

What was the aim of the sea voyage that the narrator and his team took up?

The narrator’s purpose of making the voyage in 1976 was to duplicate the round-the-world voyage undertaken 200 years earlier by Captain James Cook. This idea had inspired their thoughts for 16 years and they spent their leisure time practising their seafaring skills in British waters.

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How long did it take Captain Cook to sail from England to Australia?

Captain Cook arrived on the shores of Botany Bay in modern day Sydney 250 years ago. He and his crew stayed on land for eight days. The official histories have long been accused of glossing over the realities of his first encounters with local people.

When did author set sail who accompanied him?

So the narrator set sail from Plymouth in England in July 1976 on 1,05,000 kilometre journey. His wife and two children also accompanied him.

Did James Cook land in Australia?

The crew first sighted the mainland of Australia on 19 April 1770. James Cook and some of his crew landed at Kamay Botany Bay on 29 April 1770.

What job did the author’s mother take up?

The author’s father had died when he was young. His mother did not want to lose his memories to the fire. Besides, she had to save the important documents to ensure a good life to the author.

What happened to the author’s body when he managed to reach the deck?

* 1-his left ribs cracked; mouth filled with broken teeth. 2-his head smashed again. 3-he broke his leg. 4-his broke his left hand​

Why did the author undertake the sea journey?

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The author undertook the sea journey to duplicate round-the-world-voyage undertaken by Captain James Cook 200 years ago. The narrator and his wife had great interest in seafaring.