Which type of ship had multiple sails?

Why do ships have so many sails?

Larger sails necessitated hiring, and paying, a larger crew. Additionally, the great size of some late-19th and 20th century vessels meant that their correspondingly large sails would have been impossible to handle had they not been divided.

What is a sailing ship with two or more masts called?

There are several sailboats with two masts. The most common ones include yawl, ketch, schooner, and brig. In most cases, the designs of the masts do vary but the main idea remains the same. They can have the extra mast either behind or in front of the mainmast.

What ship is bigger than a galleon?

The Frigate is a large warship which, unlike the larger Galleons, is built for speed and maneuverability. Its unique sail configuration combines ample Square Rigging on three masts, with anywhere upwards of two Triangular Sails mounted in various positions (depending on the version of the game).

What are prettier than sailing boat and ship?

A rainbow is prettier than boats, ships and clouds.

What is the difference between a brig and a frigate?

is that frigate is (nautical) a modern type of warship, smaller than a destroyer, originally (wwii) introduced as an anti-submarine vessel but now general purpose while brig is (nautical) a two-masted vessel, square-rigged on both foremast and mainmast.

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