Which mammal dives deepest?

Which animal swims deepest?

Of the cephalopods, Dumbo octopuses (Grimpoteuthis) are currently thought to be among the deepest-dwelling. Species have been discovered between 400m and 4,800m below the surface of the waves inviting further study into how these rarely glimpsed gelatinous creatures live in such varying depths.

What 3 marine mammals dive the deepest?

Deepest Diving Marine Mammals

Rank Mammal Dive Depth (ft)
1 Cuvier’s beaked whale 9,816
2 Sperm whale 7,382
3 Southern elephant seal 6,998
4 Baird’s beaked whale 5,830

Which aquatic mammals can dive deeper than 1000 feet?

Deep dining

Sperm whales, which have been studied far more extensively, can dive for more than an hour to depths greater than 4,000 feet (1,200 meters), but typically dive for 45 minutes to depths of 2,000 to 3,280 feet (600 to 1,000,meters).

Can a killer whale dive deeper than 1000 feet?

South Atlantic killer whales have destroyed their own record for deep dives—by 1,000 feet. Killer whales in the South Atlantic Ocean are willing to dive more than a thousand feet more than previously recorded—if they are certain to get a snack at the end of it, researchers have discovered.

Which animal can dive 330 feet?

Reaching lengths of up to 66 feet (20 m), sperm whales are the world’s largest toothed predators. They sustain their huge size by diving to incredible depths in search of their preferred prey, squid. Scientists have recorded sperm whales at depths of up 7,380 feet (2,250 meters).

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