Which kick is used with the breaststroke?

What are the 2 kicks performed during the breaststroke?

Teaching Breaststroke Leg Action

There are 2 types of leg kick that may be performed. The wider wedge kick, where the knees turn outwards and the narrower whip kick where the knees are kept in line with the hips.

Can you do butterfly kick in breaststroke?

After the start and each turn, at any time prior to the first breaststroke kick, a single butterfly kick is permitted.” … The NCAA began allowing the single dolphin kick at any time during the pullout before the breaststroke kick in 2015.

Which swimming stroke is best for toning?

Freestyle is the fastest of all the strokes, so as you might expect it is up in second place for calorie burning potential. Swimming freestyle tones your stomach, buttocks and shoulders. Out of all the four strokes freestyle is said to have the greatest impact on toning back muscles.

What are the 4 phases of breaststroke?

Breaststroke can be divided up into 4 distinct phases, which consists of the out sweep, in sweep, breathing phase, and lunge, extension, or recovery phase. The difficulty of the stroke arises from the fact that the arms and hands must work simultaneously with the legs and feet.

What is the difference between breaststroke and butterfly stroke?

The butterfly stroke, used only in competition, differs from the breaststroke in arm action. In the butterfly the arms are brought forward above the water. … Later swimmers used two dolphin kicks to one arm pull. Breathing is done in sprint competition by raising the head every second or third stroke.

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