Which is the Favourite place in India for rafting?

Is one of the most favorite places in India for rafting?

1. Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the hub of river rafting and there is no doubt in it. You will find River Ganga flowing at its fast pace and surrounded by Garhwal Himalayas; making the river rafting here a fun-filled yet thrilling experience.

Which is the best river rafting in India?

Top 5 River Rafting Spots in India

  • Ganga River, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand :
  • Indus River, Ladakh :
  • Kundalika River, Kolad Maharashtra :
  • Teesta River, Darjeeling :
  • Beas River, Kullu – Manali :

Which destination among the following is the most popular for white river rafting in India?

2. Kullu-Manali. Kullu is one of the most popular destinations for white water rafting in India. Sail on the stretches of river Beas, where rapids provide an exhilarating interlude to enthusiasts.

Is river rafting an adventure?

Rafting and whitewater rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. … Rafting on certain sections of rivers is considered an extreme sport and can be fatal, while other sections are not so extreme or difficult.

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Where can I do white water rafting?

Top 10 Whitewater Rafting Destinations for Large Groups

  • Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona. …
  • Tuolumne River, California. …
  • Arkansas River, Colorado. …
  • Nenana River, Alaska. …
  • Gauley River, West Virginia. …
  • Salmon River, Idaho. …
  • Rogue River, Oregon. …
  • Kennebec River, Maine.

What is the cost of rafting in Rishikesh?

Price Table

Rishikesh Rafting Details Per Person Details
Shivpuri to Rishikesh NIM Beach (16 kms, Rafting Grade: II – III) Rs 1000 Online Booking
Marine Drive to Rishikesh NIM Beach (26 kms, Rafting Grade: II – III) Rs 1500 Online Booking
Kaudiyala to Rishikesh NIM Beach (35 kms, Rafting Grade: II – IV) Rs 2500 Online Booking

Which place is suitable for River rafting play?

Dandeli, Karnataka[edit]

Dandeli, around 125 km from Goa, home to the majestic Kali River, is a popular rafting destination in Karnataka.

Are there any water sports in India find out about the areas or places which are know for water sports?


  • Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. River Rafting in Rishikesh. …
  • Kavaratti, Lakshadweep. Kayaking in Lakshadweep. …
  • Kovalam, Kerala. Water Skiing in Kovalam. …
  • Pondicherry. Scuba Diving in Pondicherry. …
  • Zanskar, Jammu & Kashmir. Zanskar Canyon in Jammu and Kashmir. …
  • Andaman Islands.