Where is Surf Excel made?

Is Surf made in the UK?

Surf was introduced in the United States in 1959 after Rinso, which had been Lever Brothers Company’s lead laundry brand, had declined in sales and market share.

Surf (detergent)

Product type Laundry detergent
Country United Kingdom
Introduced 1952
Related brands Rinso
Markets Worldwide

Is Surf Excel a bleach?

Surf Excel quick wash is one of the premium most detergent powders available in India and has x-tra clean particles that combine the power of different stain removing products such as lemon and bleach. … With x-tra cleaning particles, it makes for the perfect wash.

Are Surf and Comfort the same?

Surf, the UK’s number one fragrance detergent, and Comfort, the UK’s number one fabric conditioner, are now available in a new seasonal fragrance, providing consumers with a complete laundry care solution over the winter months.

Is Surf as good as Persil?

Surf is another massive brand amongst the UK market, which is funnily enough also owned by Unilever. Despite this, the brand and product are completely different. Firstly, this is a little more expensive than Persil. Secondly, this product smells better than persil, but isn’t as good for stains.

What detergent is similar to Surf?

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Did Surf laundry detergent go out of business?

This detergent brand is starting to become hard to find on store shelves, but it hasn’t been discontinued at this time. I Love This Stuff! Surf detergent is actually a brand name that is used in the UK and several other countries by Unilever, and also a brand name used by Sun Products in the United States.