Where does the drip ring go on a kayak paddle?

How do I keep water out of my kayak paddle?

Install Drip Rings on the Shaft of the Paddle

To avoid or at least limit this amount of water you can always install a set of drip rings to the shaft of the paddle. Many outdoor shops and kayak-specific retailers sell drip rings designed to solve the problem of getting drenched.

What is drip ring?

A bleed, vent, or drip ring can provide a beneficial way of draining piping, taking samples, attaching instruments or even bleeding of a valve. They can also be used with a valve and/or blind flange, which allows you to reduce and dispose of the pressure for your valve before you remove the flange.

Why are kayak paddles rotated?

The paddle blades on kayak paddles are arranged asymmetrically to reduce wind resistance. An alternative is to turn the paddle when it is lifted out of the water. In the long run, however, the turning movement proves to be unergonomic. … The wind is the main reason why the kayak paddles are twisted.

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