Where can I surf in Waikiki?

Where can I park for surfing in Waikiki?

Paradise, Waikiki

While the walls aren’t as long as Pops, the lack of people and its easy-to-ride waves make this a great alternative to the busier areas. Parking: Most surfers park at the Honolulu Zoo or Kapiolani Park.

Is Waikiki safe to surf?

Waikiki, outside of a surf lesson is not a safe place—and not because I the waves. … The locals are abusive, sexist, and outwardly hostile. There is no “aloha spirit” on the waves, just locals who want to keep anyone off of “their” waves.

Is Diamond Head good for beginner surfers?

Diamond Head is the perfect beach for beginners. The waves are long and mellow, which will give you a relaxing and stress-free experience as someone who just started surfing. The aesthetics aren’t half bad either! Check out some Mickey’s Surf Schools there and get ready to have some fun!

Is Ala Moana Beach good for surfing?

Ala Moana Beach Park does front some of Oahu’s prime surfing spots. Lifeguards keep watch over the calmer inshore waters, as well as the sometimes sizable breakers found just outside the protective reef.

Where can I surf in Oahu for beginners?

Here are some of the best places to surf in Oahu Hawaii for beginners.

  • White Plains Beach in Oahu. Located on the southwest shores of Oahu, this surf break is a gentle, slow breaking wave that is consistent all year long. …
  • Old Man’s Oahu. …
  • Canoes. …
  • Chun’s Reef. …
  • Pua’ena Point (Haleiwa Beach Park).
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How much are surfing lessons in Waikiki?

The average Waikiki surf lesson price for 1 person on a 1HR group lesson is about $ 40-80 USD per person.

Is it safe to surf in Honolulu?

If you’re up for a drive from Honolulu, go out of town to find the best surf and beach bars. Part of the legendary North Shore of Oahu, Waimea Bay gathers big waves in the winter months of November to February. In the summer it can be safe enough for swimming, but the surfing is definitely for the advanced surfers.

Is it safe to surf in Hawaii sharks?

Swim, surf, or dive with other people, and don’t move too far away from assistance. Stay out of the water at dawn, dusk, and night, when some species of sharks may move inshore to feed. But be aware that tiger sharks are known to bite people at all times of the day.

Is surfing in Hawaii crowded?

But there are ways to travel and surf in Hawaii on a budget. The peak travel season in Hawaii is between mid-December and mid-April. That’s when prices are at their highest and the islands are most crowded. Mid-June thought late August are also crowded months.