Where can I surf in Sunshine Coast?

Where can I surf in Noosa?

Surf’s Up: The Best Surf Spots in Noosa

  • First Point. It’s all in the name. …
  • Tea Tree Bay (Noosa National Park) …
  • Granite Bay (Noosa National Park) …
  • Sunshine Beach. …
  • Double Island Point. …
  • Alexandria Bay (Noosa National Park)

Is Dicky beach good for surfing?

Calmer area perfect for learning to surf. Lessons at low tide. Suitable for all ages.

How big are the waves at Mooloolaba?

The beach receives waves reduced in height by Point Cartwright. They average 0.5 to 1 m at the surf lifesaving club, dropping down to less than 0.5 m by the harbour entrance.

Is there surf in Caloundra?

Know Before You Go: Surf, Weather & Travel Info

It seems a bit cruel, especially since Caloundra is home to some great Aussie surf lore and legend. … An outside right and left peak, with an inside left, the Reef is a top to bottom barrel for experienced surfers only.

Is there good surf at Mooloolaba?

Mooloolaba is a sucky closeout wave which is not really surfable but a great bodyboarders break. It starts breaking at 2 foot and holds 8 foot and the best swell direction is north, northeast. Cyclone season is best waves and the beach gets jellyfish during cyclone season as well.

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Where can I surf for beginners in Noosa?

Main Beach and Little Cove are the two Noosa beaches best suited to beginner surfers, however anyone is welcome to try their luck at any of the beaches. It is worth keeping in mind that not all beaches are patrolled by life guards and some points can be difficult to access, particularly off the coast.

Is Noosa good for surfing?

One of only 10 World Surfing Reserves and with five world-class point breaks, Noosa’s surf sites are also blessed with the backdrop of beautiful coastal national park. It’s why you’re here, after all. Ticking all the first day boxes is First Point.