Where can I surf in Geraldton?

Can you surf at Geraldton?

On a global windsurfing stage, Geraldton is rated among the best for its idyllic and uncrowded conditions – what’s more it’s also home to top class surf spots. Other popular spots for surfing include Coronation, Medallia, Pages, Point Moore, Separation Point, Sunset and St Georges beaches. …

Where do you surf in Geraldton?

Nearby Spots

  • Tarcoola. 3.1 miles – E.
  • Drummonds. 6.7 miles – N.
  • Coronation Beach. 15.7 miles – N.
  • Coronation. 15.7 miles – N.
  • Flat Rocks. 20.4 miles – SE.
  • Bowes River. 26.3 miles – NW.
  • Jakes. 76.7 miles – NW.

Can you surf at Ningaloo Reef?

Dunes Surf Beach is the most popular surf break in Ningaloo Marine Park. The best swells for surfing are from July to October. Dunes Surf Beach is a popular surf beach located approximately 20km north of Exmouth. It is adjacent to Lighthouse Bay Sanctuary Zone where fishing from the beach is permitted.

Where can I surf in Tathra?

Nearby Spots

  • Nelson Beach. 2.6 miles – N.
  • Cowdroys Beach. 3.7 miles – N.
  • Gillards Beach. 4.5 miles – N.
  • Wallagoot Beach. 5.4 miles – S.
  • Bournda Beach. 6.6 miles – S.
  • Penders Beach. 6.7 miles – N.
  • Tura Beach. 7.8 miles – S.
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