Where can I kayak in Austin?

Where can I launch my kayak in Austin?

Public Kayak Launch Spots

If you want to head out on the Broken Rocks Trail, Veterans Park in Downtown Port Austin is the best spot to launch. The park has a large parking lot, beach area, and restrooms available to the public.

Can you kayak in Lake Austin?

Lake Austin

Although motorboats are allowed in the lake, they are relatively few so you should still be able to enjoy a quiet day of paddling in the water. A lake is also a great place for kayak fishing. There are large-mouth bass and catfish in the lake for those who plan to bring along their rod and reel.

Where can I kayak on Lake Austin?

There are many public access points on the lake, but our favorite is Zilker Park on the west end. If you’re in need of kayaking gear, check out Capital Cruises, Congress Avenue Kayak, or Rowing Dock.

Is swimming at Lady Bird Lake illegal?

Most people are unaware that it’s illegal to swim in Lady Bird Lake. This law was passed in 1964 after two drownings occurred in the lake. The stronger than expected current and large underwater debris uphold the danger of swimming in this lake today.

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Is it safe to kayak in Austin?

Are Kayaks Safe? Kayaking in Austin is safe for people of all skill levels, including beginners. … On the weekends during the middle of the day there may be a short line for processing, but you can always enjoy the beautiful Zilker Park while we get your kayak ready.

Is it safe to swim in Town Lake Austin?

There are lots of great spots. But there’s one place you definitely cannot go swimming: Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake, if you’re OG). So you pretty much can’t go in the water — unless you have special permission or are trying to save someone from drowning.

What do you wear kayaking in Austin?

Please wear comfortable clothing, such as yoga pants, swimsuit, light layered clothing, flip flops, water shoes, or shoes you don’t mind getting wet. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat are great for sun protection.

Can you kayak on Lady Bird Lake at night?

We’ll launch at dusk and then capture Austin’s magic at night. You can choose between a single kayak or tandem kayak to explore Lady Bird Lake by moon light. Spots fill up quickly so make sure to reserve your kayak in advance!