What kitesurfing kite should I buy?

What is the best kite for kitesurfing?

Comparison Table Best Kiteboarding Kites

Name Hangtime Rating
Liquid Force 2020 NV Long 4.5
2021 Cabrinha Contra Medium 4.4
2020 Liquid Force Solo Medium 4.9
2021 Duotone Rebel Long 4.7

How do I choose a first kite?

You want your first kite to be roughly the right size for your body weight in the 12-18 knot wind range, which is best for learning. If it’s much windier than this you will need a smaller kite, but that will make learning a bit harder as the kite will be faster & trickier to control.

What size kitesurfing kite do I need?

With that being said most average sized riders (140-190lbs) would want to start with a 12m kite. This is the standard for most riders. This size will get you out on the water most windy days depending on where you live. Most people will ultimately need at least two kites, One for lower winds and one for higher winds.

What should I look for when buying a kite?

Look for a ripstop nylon sail cloth and fiberglass or carbon fibre framing. Also, consider whether they come with line and a storage sleeve or case. Quality also is a measure of kite performance. Do they fly well and are they fairly robust to endure the learning curve?

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How do I choose a kite brand?

The kite size depends on the place where you will be kiting. If it is a place with light wind then you should choose bigger 9m2-13m2 kites. If it is a place where the wind is very strong, consider choosing a 5m2-8m2 kite. Usually we recommend you have 2 kites- one for light wind days and one for strong wind days.

What is a delta kite?

Delta Kites are named for their triangular shape, wide wind range (5-20 mph) and easy, stable flight. Small and regular sized deltas are perfect for beginners and the larger deltas (6 foot and up) are great for adding multiple tails and line laundry.

How long is a super large kite?

The kite is 98″x 31″ and come with 2 long tail(49 ft). It is for adults, kids could hardly handle it by themselves.

Product Dimensions 98.43 x 31.5 x 688.98 inches
Manufacturer China

What is the average weight of a kite?

Use these tips and hints to save yourself from overweight charges. 1. Use a Compression Bag – Did you know that most kite bags weigh 2 lbs – 3 lbs on average.

Which is the easiest kite to fly?

Parafoil kites are among the easiest to fly and since they are soft kites (“inflated” by the wind), there is no assembly required and no pieces to lose. Most parafoil kites come with line and a tail for stability.