What is Vertex in great circle sailing?

What is latitude vertex?

The point of greatest latitude is called the vertex. For each great circle, there is a vertex in each hemisphere, 180° apart in longitude. At these points the great circle is tangent to a parallel of latitude, and its direction is due east-west.

What is the advantage of using great circle sailing?

The advantage of a great circle is obvious, the shorter distance. The disadvantages, depending on latitude, could be quite a few. Colder weather, stronger winds, higher seas and perhaps even icebergs.

What are the lines of longitude and latitude called?

All meridians meet at the North and South Poles. Longitude is related to latitude, the measurement of distance north or south of the Equator. Lines of latitude are called parallels. Maps are often marked with parallels and meridians, creating a grid.

What is the great circle?

The Equator is another of the Earth’s great circles. If you were to cut into the Earth right on its Equator, you’d have two equal halves: the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


Term Part of Speech Definition
Great Circle noun largest circle that can be drawn around a sphere, such as the Equator.

What is parallel sailing?

: spherical sailing in which the course is along a parallel and departure is the product of cosine latitude times the difference of longitude —opposed to meridian sailing.

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What is great circle sailing method?

A method of navigating a ship along the shortest navigable distance between the point of departure and the point of arrival. The shortest distance between any two points on a sphere is the circumference of the circle which joins them and whose centre is at the centre of the sphere.

When planning to cross an ocean is it always best to use great circle sailing?

Great Circle Sailing is used for long ocean passages. For this purpose, the earth is considered a perfect spherical shape; therefore, the shortest distance between two points on its surface is the arc of the great circle containing two points.