What is the meaning of sailed down?

What does sailed through mean?

: to move or proceed through in an easy, quick, and smooth way The ball sailed through the open window. The bill sailed through the legislature with only token opposition.

What does sailed forth mean?

to move fast or effortlessly. we sailed through customs, the ball sailed over the fence. 17 to move along smoothly; glide. 18 often foll by: in or into. a to begin (something) with vigour.

What does Deciced mean?

: no longer living especially : recently dead —used of persons Both of his parents are deceased.

What is the phrasal verb of sails into?

To attack or criticize vigorously: sailed into the workmen for the shoddy job they were doing.

What is the meaning of swiftly in English?

: in a swift manner : with speed : quickly.

What is a dead person called?

Some common synonyms of deceased are dead, defunct, departed, and late. While all these words mean “devoid of life,” deceased, departed, and late apply to persons who have died recently. deceased is the preferred term in legal use.

What do you call a person who is dying?

Definitions of deceased. someone who is no longer alive. synonyms: dead person, dead soul, deceased person, decedent, departed. examples: Lazarus.

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What is the name of the deceased?

The deceased is the person who has died. The executor is the person named in a will to manage the estate of the deceased according to the terms of the will.

What is the phrasal verb of Commence?

commence (formal) to start happening:The negotiations are scheduled to commence at noon. open to start an event or activity in a particular way; (of an event, movie, or book) to start, especially in a particular way:The story opens with a murder.

How would you describe vandalism?

: willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property.