What is the best wetsuit repair glue?

What is wetsuit glue?

Tubes of liquid urethane such as Aquaseal are perfect for repairing rips, holes, gashes, unraveling thread and sealed seams. Aquaseal is a fast curing, clear synthetic that dries in about 5 hours and can be put to use the next day.

How long does a wetsuit last?

On average, a good wetsuit from a quality manufacturer should last anywhere from 4 years to 10 years or more, depending on heavily you use it. A cheaper brand wetsuit that doesn’t have the same construction quality may only last for a season or two before things like zippers become issues.

Can you use superglue on a wetsuit?

I opted for ‘water resistent’ super glue in the garage. … Taking a risk, I squeezed a few dabs on the holes, then re-applied one more dab each as some of the first soaked in a bit to the fabric. It dried solid in about 10 minutes – good to go!

How much does it cost to repair a wetsuit?

Fixing a rip, tear, or hole in your wetsuit is actually really easy, and it only costs about $5-$10.

How do you wash a wetsuit?


  1. Clear the wetsuit using fresh water to remove any excess salt water or chlorine.
  2. Apply a small amount of pH neutral soap to the wetsuit and gently rub the wetsuit panels.
  3. Rinse the neoprene to remove any remaining soap.
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Can a wetsuit be altered?

If your wetsuit has become too loose or too tight in key areas (i.e. neck, cuffs, shoulders and back) the neoprene panels can easily be altered, meaning you don’t have to fork out for a completely new suit. …

How long does wetsuit glue take to dry?

Open up the cut and apply a layer of glue on both sides of the neoprene, leave it to dry for about 10 minutes (unless indicated differently by the glue manufacturer) until the glue becomes tacky. Then, firmly press the cut together to create a butt joint. Leave the glue to cure overnight.

How long does neoprene glue take to dry?

Apply a thin layer of neoprene glue to both sides and allow to dry for 3 minutes. When touch dry, carefully align then press the two sides together.

Does Super Glue Work on neoprene?

Does anyone have experience with this kind of DIY wetsuit repair? Superglue? The key to wetsuit repair is an adhesive the not only bonds strongly with the neoprene, but is flexible or semi-flexible when dry.