What is the best surf forecast app?

Which surf forecast is the most accurate?

The Top 5 Surf Forecast Websites

  • Surfline. Surfline provides accurate reports for thousands of spots all around the world and is one of the most comprehensive and progressive for surf forecasting on the internet. …
  • WindGuru.
  • Windfinder. …
  • Surf-forecast. …
  • MagicSeaweed.

What is the best surf forecast website?

The worlds top 10 surf forecasting websites

  • Surfline.com.
  • windfinder.com.
  • Swellnet.com.
  • Surf-forecast.com.
  • UK met office pressure charts.
  • XC weather.
  • Hotswell.
  • NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Is surf forecast COM accurate?

A surf report, however, is not a 100% accurate maritime weather forecast tool. Instead, surf reports represent interpretations of data collected over time from a given surf spot, and so each surf report site will have tuned the weather algorithms they use to make sense for their prevailing conditions.

Is it best to surf at high or low tide?

The best tide for surfing in most cases is low, to an incoming medium tide. Keep in mind low-tide on shallow surf breaks jack the waves up higher, leaving less room between the water’s surface and ocean bottom. Always know the area you’re surfing and avoid shallow reef and rock obstacles if possible.

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Is it better to surf in the morning or afternoon?

Simply put, the best time of day to surf is in the early morning and late evening. The surf is the best at these times because the winds are calm during the beginning and end of the day.

What to do if you see a shark while surfing?

If you do see a shark when you’re surfing, please exit the water immediately. You don’t need to thrash around and panic, but if you do see a dorsal or you hear somebody say that they saw a shark, you should leave the area. And I would recommend that you leave that area for a minimum of two days.

Is Surfline better than MagicSeaweed?

Surfline or MagicSeaweed? While the surf cams are nice for surfing locally, it didn’t matter too much while traveling. Ultimately, we personally recommend MagicSeaweed. While traveling abroad, MagicSeaweed never felt like it was out of its element.

Is there a free version of Surfline?

There are free and premium versions of the Surfline app, as there is on Surfline’s website. With the free version, you can watch webcams, check the daily surf report, and see their three-day surf forecast.

How much is Surfline monthly?

A lot of individuals behind the scenes allow us to make this happen for you… all day, every day, 365 days a year. And the cost of all this and more is only $7.99 a month.