What is problem solving deep dive?

What does deep dive analysis mean?

: an exhaustive investigation, study, or analysis of a question or topic A deep dive into 2018 congressional transcripts found that female representatives spent more than twice as much time on health care in their speeches as male legislators did.—

What is a deep dive exercise?

Deep Dive is a method where an individual or team conducts an intense, in-depth analysis of a certain problem or subject. Deep Dive. The Deep Dive technique can be used by a single person or a group in order to brainstorm, problem-solve, or engage in idea creation.

What is the purpose of a deep dive?

What is a deep dive? Deep dives are a methodology that Ofsted inspectors use to gain a deeper understanding of a school’s curriculum. Through close inspection of a number of subjects, the inspectorate say that they can make a better judgement about the overall quality of the education delivered by a school.

What do you put in a deep dive?

A typical Deep Dive process

  1. Creation of Hot Teams to work on the opportunities/ problems (these teams work the process end to end)
  2. Brainstorming of ideas and options in the context of customer needs.
  3. Rapid Prototyping of potential solutions.
  4. Observing & Listening from Customers (internal and external)

What is a deep dive interview?

‘ To dive deep is to analyze a specific topic in great detail. So when preparing for an interview, it is important to consider that the questions asked to require more extensive and profound responses.

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What happens in a deep dive?

Deep dive: then a ‘deep dive’, which involves gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact over a sample of subjects, topics or aspects. … This will usually lead to school leaders bringing forward further evidence and inspectors gathering additional evidence.