What happens to the energy when the diver hits the water?

How does the divers kinetic energy change as the diver falls?

When you dive off diving board , you first press it downwards, causing it to store potential energy in it. When it has maximum amount of potential energy stored in it, the diving board converts potential energy into kinetic energy and pushes it up in the air.

How is money an accurate analogy for energy?

A good analogy is that energy is like money in the bank, while heat, work and radiation are like cash, checks and money orders.

What type of energy transfer is eating pizza for energy to run?

The chemical energy in food can be converted to another form of chemical energy when it is stored as glucose or fat. It can be converted to thermal energy because our body produces heat when digesting our food. The chemical energy in our food can also be converted to mechanical energy in the form of muscle movement. 1.

What causes potential energy to decrease?

If a charge is moving in the direction that it would normally move, its electric potential energy is decreasing. If a charge is moved in a direction opposite to that of it would normally move, its electric potential energy is increasing.

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When a person is sledding down a hill where do they have the most kinetic energy?

At the bottom of the hill, you have the most kinetic energy because you are moving the fastest and all the potential energy has turned into kinetic. Sledding only works when there is snow on the ground, if you try to go sledding on a grassy hill it won’t be as fun because snow helps to eliminate friction.

What two factors affect potential energy?

The factors that affect an object’s gravitational potential energy are its height relative to some reference point, its mass, and the strength of the gravitational field it is in.

How can you know if something has energy?

A system possesses energy if it has the ability to do work. Energy is transferred or transformed whenever work is done.. Energy can exist in many different forms. All forms of energy are either kinetic or potential.

What form of energy does a bent ruler have?

So a bent ruler has higher energy than a flat ruler. Now if it is moving it is having an extra form of kinetic energy and thus a flying bent ruler is having higher amount of energy than that of the unbent one.

What happens to your total mechanical energy when you hit the water?

If there is friction, the work done by friction gobbles up total mechanical energy. For example, if you jump off the high diving board into a swimming pool, as you fall toward the water, your initial potential energy becomes kinetic energy, but your total mechanical energy is conserved until you hit the water.

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