What does the term deep dive mean?

Where did the term deep dive originate?

The first known use of deep dive was in 1987

No lifeguard on duty. Research at your own risk.

What does deep dive into mean?

If someone deep dives into something, they conduct a thorough investigation and analysis of it.

Why does everyone say deep dive now?

Let’s get to the bottom of it. Deep dive has recently taken on the meaning of “a thorough examination of a subject or topic.” It currently is often found when describing a piece of journalism of a certain gravity or comprehensiveness.

What is the purpose of deep dive?

Deep-Dive™ is the name of a technique used to rapidly immerse a group or team into a situation for problem-solving or idea creation. This approach is often used for brainstorming product or process development.

How do you use a deep dive?

Examples of ‘deep dive’ in a sentence deep dive

  1. His new series is no exception, taking a deep dive into the world of the movie musical. …
  2. But what starts out as a journalistic investigation becomes a deep dive into her own family’s complex past.

What does diving mean?

to start doing something in a very enthusiastic way. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a chance and dive in. Synonyms and related words. To start doing something.

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Can you say dived?

Some people will tell you that—that the correct past tense of dive is dived. But a survey of the evidence for dive shows that dove is actually twice as common as dived is nowadays in American English, whereas dived is more common in British English.

What is the opposite of a deep dive?

»shallow analysis exp.analyze, shallow, depthless. 3. »shallow parsing exp.analyze, shallow, depthless. 3. »superficial analysis exp.analyze, shallow, depthless.

What’s the opposite of a deep dive?

Ascend” is used within the diving community to mean “rise|swim upwards, towards the surface”.

What is another way to say dive into?

What is another word for dive into?

attack address
wade in settle down to
address oneself to turn to
get down to throw yourself into
tear into settle