What are the types of diving?

How many types of diving are there?

The 13 Different Types of Diving Explained. There are dozens of specialty diving certifications you can obtain depending on your level of experience and expectations.

What are the two types of diving?

Types of Scuba Diving

  • Night Diving. Scuba diving opens your eyes to the exciting and alien underwater world that exists beneath the surface of the ocean. …
  • Drift Diving. …
  • Deep Diving. …
  • Wreck Diving.

What are the six types of diving?

There are six “groups” into which dives are classified: Forward, Back, Inward, Reverse, Twist, and Armstand. The armstand group applies only to Platform competitions, whereas the other five groups apply to both Springboard and Platform.

What is backward diving?

In diving. The second comprises the backward dives, in which the diver stands at the edge, facing away from the water, then springs and rotates backward. The third is the reverse group, in which the diver takes off in the forward position but then reverses his spin toward the board.

What is the four fundamental of diving?

A good profile is part of the holy trinity of good diving: buoyancy, profile, and propulsion. Each is necessary for control. A diver’s profile effects their buoyancy, and therefore their ability to maintain a stable position in the water.

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