Quick Answer: Where is the yacht in succession?

What was the yacht used in succession?

Solandge. Lurssen’s 85.1 metre superyacht Solandge took a starring role in the second series of Sky Atlantic’s Succession. The climactic final episode, in which Brian Cox’s Logan Roy makes a life changing decision, is based entirely on the yacht and showcases its first class facilities.

How much is the boat in succession?

Now you can rent the stunning superyacht that featured in hit HBO TV drama Succession – but you’ll need a spare £850K floating around to hire it for a week. You can now step onboard the stunning superyacht that featured in the hit TV drama. That’s because it costs up to $1.1million (£850,000) to rent it for a week.

Who owns Solandge yacht?

SuperyachtNews.com – Owner – Aileen Rodriguez: My soul is in ‘Solandge’

Is succession a true story?

Is Succession Based On a True Story? No, Succession is not based on a true story. But, if you saw the show and your first reaction was to find out which brazenly successful family spurred its inception, you, my friend, were not the only one.

Where did they film the last episode of succession?

For the season finale, the Roys (pictured above) head to pastures new, in the Aegean Sea and Croatia. The production headed to the island of Korcula, filming both on a yacht and in the Old Town, taking in the 15th-century St Mark’s Cathedral and shoreside restaurant Cupido.

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