Quick Answer: What is the full meaning of sail?

What sail means?

1a : to travel on water in a ship. b : yacht. 2a : to travel on water by the action of wind upon sails or by other means. b : to move or proceed easily, gracefully, nonchalantly, or without resistance sails through all sorts of contradictions— Vicki Hearne the bill sailed through the legislature.

What is a sail answer?

Sails are large pieces of material attached to the mast of a ship. The wind blows against the sails and pushes the ship along. … You say a ship sails when it moves over the sea.

What is the example of sail?

Sail is defined as to move, float or glide smoothly through water or air, or to move quickly. An example of sail is a bird gliding on a headwind in the sky. An example of sail is to finish a three hour task in one hour.

What type of word is sail?

sail used as a noun:

A trip in a boat, especially a sailboat. “Let’s go for a sail.” The blade of a windmill.

What is the best sail shape?

The best shape for acceleration has the draft fairly far forward. Upwind — When a boat is sailing into the wind, you want sails that are relatively flat. Flatter sails reduce drag when sailing upwind and also allow you to point a little closer to the wind.

What does sail out mean?

vb. 1 cast or weigh anchor, embark, get under way, hoist the blue peter, put to sea, set sail. 2 captain, cruise, go by water, navigate, pilot, ride the waves, skipper, steer, voyage.

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What word is across?

Across describes something that’s situated on the opposite side or the direction you have to go to get from one side to another.