Quick Answer: How many yachts does Dennis Washington own?

Does Denzel Washington own a yacht?

Washington is an American industrialist and billionaire who owns the Washington Group Intl. … With an estimated net worth around $6 billion −making him the 79th-richest person in the US−, he is well known for his taste for luxury mega yachts, owning up to three of them: the Feadship Attessa, the St.

How much is Greg Norman’s yacht worth?

The yacht no longer belongs to Norman; he sold it for a reported $77 million.

Who owns the boat self made?

“I see myself spending two months of the year on the boat,” says its owner, the Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke. Rokke stoops to inspect a blueprint. Each detail of the vessel requires his sign-off: the submarine, the helipads, the three pools and hot tubs. But this is not your typical billionaire plaything.

How much is Attessa IV worth?

The Attessa IV, owned by self-made billionaire Dennis Washington, has been docked at Charleston City Marina all weekend. The yacht was rebuilt a couple of years ago and is worth about $250 million, according to Forbes.

How much does the Attessa cost?

Attessa IV Yacht • Evergreen • 1999 • Owner Dennis Washington

Name: Attessa IV
IMO: 9179830
Price: US$ 150 million
Annual Running Cost: US$ 10 – 15 million
Owner: Dennis Washington
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