Question: What was the name of Jessica’s yacht?

Where is Jessica Watson’s boat now?

In recognition of her attempt Watson was named the 2011 Young Australian of the Year, and the following year was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia. She currently resides in Buderim, Queensland.


Propulsion Sails
Crew 1

What did Jessica Watson eat on her voyage?

What did Jessica Watson eat on her voyage? A: The food I took with me was a mixture of freeze-dried food (like astronauts eat), tinned food, powdered eggs, dried fruit, tinned vegetables and I use to make my own bread and sometimes cupcakes.

Why is Jessica Watson inspiring?

An adventurous and inspiring speaker, Jessica encourages her audience to draw on and achieve their dreams. Inspired by Kay Cottee, the first woman to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the globe, and Jesse Martin, the youngest person to do so, Jessica set her eyes on beating Jesse’s achievement.

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