Is there Surf in Port Douglas?

How far north can you surf Qld?

Surfing enthusiasts visiting Queensland won’t want to miss out on catching a Sunshine State wave. So our QLD Holiday Experts have chosen their favourite breaks all along the coastline, from as far south as the Gold Coast to as north as 1170.

Is there surf at Palm Cove?

Palm Cove – Kayaking

If there is a good swell you can surf the waves into the beach. … On the seaward side of the island is a small private beach protected from the wind and ocean swell.

Can you surf at 1770?

The perfect jumping off point to some of the best islands on the Great Barrier Reef, 1770 is also home to some of the best surf in Queensland. National parks, deserted beaches, and adrenalin-packed tours await you.

Can you still surf in Queensland?

Considered the last true surf spot on the mainland coast heading north, the towns of 1770 and Agnes Water in the Gladstone region offer up fun but inconsistent waves. While these can lack the power and structure of waves around the Gold Coast, you can still whet your surf appetite here.

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Is Mooloolaba beach good for surfing?

Mooloolaba is a sucky closeout wave which is not really surfable but a great bodyboarders break. It starts breaking at 2 foot and holds 8 foot and the best swell direction is north, northeast. Cyclone season is best waves and the beach gets jellyfish during cyclone season as well.

Is Maui or Kauai better for surfing?

Generally speaking, the surf is better on the south shores in summer and on the north shores in winter (but north shore surf is often for experts only). So for a summer surf vacation on Kauai, the best area for a beginner is around Poipu and on Maui the Wailea/Kihei area.

Where are biggest waves in Hawaii?

Laniakea, Oahu

Oahu’s North Shore is home to some of the world’s biggest waves, and Laniakea may be the best point break on the coastline.

Is Port Douglas or Palm Cove better?

I agree 110% with Verdant, Port Douglas is street after street of tourist village, and was full of tourists when we were there. Palm Cove was much quieter, and a lovely quiet place, with a fantastic beach and lovely views across to Double Island. Personally, i would go for Palm Cove everytime.

Is there crocodiles at Palm Cove?

Palm Cove is within known “Croc Country” and it is vitally important that everyone in far north Queensland practices “CrocWise” behaviour. In particular: Obey crocodile signs—they are there for your own protection. Never swim in water where crocodiles may live, even if there is no warning sign present.

Is Palm Cove a good place to live?

“A stunning place to live and retire – if you don’t mind tourists!” Palm Cove is a stunning beach location just 20 km north of Cairns. The beachfront strip is full of top end hotels and apartments, and so it is a very popular destination with sun-seeking tourists.

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