Is Surf Excel a Pakistani brand?

Where is Surf Excel company?

Surf Excel is a subsidiary of its parent company Hindustan Unilever.

Surf Excel(Brand) Company Profile, Wiki, Networth, Establishment, History and More.

Points Information
Registered Address Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Telephone No. 022-5043-3000
Company Status Active

Who owns Surf detergent?

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Which is Indian detergent company?

Wheel. Launched in 1987 by Hindustan Unilever Limited, Wheel is India’s top detergent brand.

Is Surf Excel a bleach?

Surf Excel quick wash is one of the premium most detergent powders available in India and has x-tra clean particles that combine the power of different stain removing products such as lemon and bleach. … With x-tra cleaning particles, it makes for the perfect wash.

What did surf used to be called?

Surf laundry highlights

1970s : ‘Square Deal Surf‘ became known as the go-to laundry powder, offering not only great cleaning but also great value for money.

Are surf and Comfort the same?

Surf, the UK’s number one fragrance detergent, and Comfort, the UK’s number one fabric conditioner, are now available in a new seasonal fragrance, providing consumers with a complete laundry care solution over the winter months.

Which detergent is most used in India?

Tide laundry detergent owned by Procter & Gamble and is one of the most reputed and the highest selling detergent brand in India. Ariel laundry detergent of Procter & Gamble is another most popular laundry detergent in the world.

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Is Nirma an Indian company?

Nirma is a group of companies based in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, that manufactures products ranging from detergents, soaps, cement, cosmetics, salt, soda ash, LAB and injectables. … Karsanbhai Patel, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, started Nirma in 1969 as a one-man operation.