Is O’Neill a good wetsuit brand?

Is O’Neill a good wetsuit?

The O’Neill Hyperfreak is hands down the best value in mid-range wetsuits and gives surfers many of O’Neill’s best features in a straight-to-the-point suit. By cutting some of the more specialized features of high-end suits, the Hyperfreak gives you everything you really want at an affordable price.

How do Oneill wetsuits fit?


It should be comfortably snug all over. If the suit fits too loose, there will be cold water entering the suit and you’ll never stay warm. A suit that is too small or too big can cause rashing. O’Neill’s 50+ years of wetsuit design and engineering ensures an excellent fit.

How warm is the O’Neill Hyperfreak?

Warmth: 4.5 Stars

This suit was tested in November in Los Angeles, California, where the water temperature during sessions hovered in the mid- to high- 50s. I’m well aware that many of you are (and will be) surfing in much colder waters. That said, the O’Neill Hyperfreak 4/3 F.U.Z.E. Chest-Zip Fullsuit is an oven.

What should I look for when buying a wetsuit?

Fit is everything, and to ensure you don’t feel any nasty shocks of cold water you need to get the size right. A wetsuit should fit like a second skin. The wetsuit needs to heat a thin layer of water evenly around your body to regulate your body heat. Therefore, it needs to be tight to your body to work.

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What size am I in a wetsuit?

Billabong Mens Wetsuit Size Chart

SIZE HEIGHT (cm/in) WEIGHT (kg/lb)
ST 173-183 5’8″-6’0″ 66-73kg 145-160lbs
MS 168-175 5’6″-5’9″ 66-73kg 145-160lbs
M 175-180 5’9″-5’11” 70-77kg 155-170lbs
MT 180-185 5’11”-6’1″ 75-82kg 165-180lbs

Do you size up or down in wetsuits?

Wetsuits fit tighter than clothing, and the wetsuit size will usually be one or two sizes bigger than clothing.

Should you size up or down in wetsuit?

It does not matter too much if it is too long on the arms and legs, as this has no additional warmth properties. If they are much taller than the size guide shows, ideally you want to choose the next size up, providing it is not a massive leap around the chest and kidneys.

Which Oneill wetsuit is best?

Top 10 Best O’Neill Wetsuits Reviewed

  • O’Neill Reactor II 3/2 Full Wetsuit – Best Overall.
  • O’Neill Hyperfreak 5/4 Hooded Fullsuit – Best for Cold Water.
  • O’Neill O’Riginal 2mm Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit – Best for Warm Water.
  • O’Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Hooded Full Wetsuit.
  • O’Neill Psycho Tech 4/3 Full Wetsuit.