Is Ocean beach good for surfing?

Is Ocean Beach good for beginner surfers?

Ocean Beach is a great beginner surf spot in San Diego

It’s an easy paddle out to the waves, there are lifeguards on duty year round, and it has a mellow atmosphere — which makes this beach great for first-timers.

Is Ocean Beach or Pacific Beach better for surfing?

Pacific Beach has more to do than Ocean Beach. And if you stay in PB you can walk, bike, rollerblade on the boardwalk to Mission Beach. You can also have access to Mission Bay Park. There are also restaurants / bars right on the boardwalk where you can sit with a meal or beverage watching the beach / ocean activities.

Which is better Ocean Beach or Mission Beach?

South Mission Beach is definitely quieter, cleaner and more family oriented than Ocean Beach. If you are looking at Vacation Rentals, I’d look at the north end of Pacific Beach and south end of La Jolla (Bird Rock) too. We always stay north of the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.

Is Ocean Beach area safe?


Pretty safe. There is some crime, but it doesn’t impact me much. Not safe. There is a lot of crime, and I regularly don’t feel safe.

Is Blacks beach good for beginner surfers?

Blacks is a fast high performance, hollow and powerful wave that does not suit a beginner – beginners are better off at scrips pier. Be careful of sneaker sets as these can even humble the pros. Blacks can really turn on fast just don’t expect an easy time.

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What is the water temperature in Pacific Beach?

Water temperature in Pacific Beach today is 65.3°F.

The swimming season in Pacific Beach lasts from July to October. During those months, Pacific Beach water temperature does not drop below 68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.