Is it illegal to water ski unless the skier is wearing what?

Do you have to wear a lifejacket while water skiing?

California law provides that any person being towed behind a vessel must wear a Type I, II, III, or V U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket. … Note: Inflatable personal flotation devices are not approved for use while water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding or being towed in an inner tube.

What are the legal requirements for a water skier observer?

The observer To be the observer you: must be at least 14 years of age; have the prime responsibility of observing the towed skiers and reporting all matters affecting them to the skipper; • alert the skipper about other vessels approaching from behind; and • should be familiar with the standard hand signals.

Can you water ski after dark?

Do not water ski after dark.

It is very dangerous and against the law. Many states have rules regarding when you can water ski. Check for state-specific information if water skiing in an area unfamiliar to you.

What are the legal requirements for observing a skier?

Every vessel towing a person(s) on water skis, an aquaplane, or other device must have on board, in addition to the operator, an observer at least 12 years old and in a position to observe the progress of the person(s) being towed.

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Is Wakesurfing illegal in California?

Wakesurfing is legal in the State.

How many skiers can you tow?

You must also not tow more than three people at any one time.

What speed do you need to water ski?

In general, for someone to waterski or wakeboard, the boat needs to be moving at least 20 miles per hour, usually closer to 26 or 27. Tubing doesn’t require quite as much speed, and you can start to have fun at around 15 miles per hour.

Do you need 3 people to water ski?

If towing a skier with a PWC, the PWC should be rated for at least three people—the operator, the observer, and the retrieved skier. The operator of a vessel involved in towing a skier must display a red or orange ski flag whenever: A downed skier is in the water.

What should a skier do if they fall in the water?

Know the hand signals.

If the skier wants to return to the dock or the boat, the skier should pat one hand on his or her head. After a fall, a skier should always signal to the observer that he or she is okay by holding both arms together above the head.