Is cage dive on Netflix?

Why is cage dive rated R?

Bloody/gory wounds.

Who all dies in open water 3?

Downer Ending: Jeff, Josh and Megan all die.

What really happened in Open Water?

The film is loosely based on the true story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who in 1998 went out with a scuba diving group, Outer Edge Dive Company, on the Great Barrier Reef, and were accidentally left behind because the dive-boat crew failed to take an accurate headcount.

Open Water (film)

Open Water
Box office $55.5 million

What shark movie is based on a true story?

2003’s Open Water is based on actual events surrounding the disappearance of an American couple scuba diving in the shark-infested waters around the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The movie was written and directed by Chris Kentis, and produced by Kentis’ wife Laura Lau — both avid divers.

Is Open Water 2 possible?

Open Water 2: Adrift (also known simply as Adrift or Open Water 2), is a 2006 psychological thriller film filmed entirely in Malta, starring Eric Dane, Susan May Pratt, Richard Speight, Jr., Niklaus Lange, Ali Hillis, and Cameron Richardson.

Open Water 2: Adrift.

Open Water 2
Budget $1.2 million
Box office $6.8 million

What happens at the end of open water?

In the end, only Amy and Dan are left in the water while all the others succumb to death due to various accidents while trying to board the yacht. When Dan successfully helps Amy to board the yacht as she managed to grab the gunwale, Dan tries to swim and drowns out of guilt.

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What is shark watching?

Shark tourism is a way for tourists to see sharks in the ocean rather than in an aquarium. It is a form of eco-tourism intended to show that local shark species are more valuable alive than dead.