Is Aruba good for diving?

Does Aruba have good diving?

Diving Safety

Aruba is a great year round destination. If your vacation time places you in the Caribbean in the middle of the hurricane season, then Aruba may be your best choice. Outside of the hurricane belt it offers divers not only great weather but many reef and shipwreck dive sites.

How much is diving in Aruba?


1 tank dive (afternoon) USD 75 USD 96
3 day (6 dive) package USD 256 USD 351
4 day (8 dive) package USD 320 USD 426
5 day (10 dive) package USD 373 USD 506

Can you shore dive in Aruba?

Aruba, ABC Islands

Usually we only list shore diving sites that can be accessed by car. You’ll notice there is not a road to be seen on De Palm Island! De Palm Slope is listed as a shore dive because there is a nice passenger ferry that leaves from the mainland for an easy 800m ride.

Do you need a wetsuit in Aruba?

The water temperature is Aruba usually allows for no wet-suit.

Are there seahorses in Aruba?

Barcadera Reef is a unique reef on Aruba where you can spot moray eels and seahorses. Barcadera has sandy bottoms with small, but also large, very dense coral fields. The vegetation of the reef is quite diverse.

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