Is a stinger suit the same as a wetsuit?

What is the difference between a stinger suit and a wetsuit?

Stinger suits are full-body suits designed to protect the body from the stings of dangerous jellyfish. They are much lighter than wetsuits, and a perfectly suited to the Great Barrier Reefs tropical waters. The suits have been engineered to prevent jellyfish tentacles from gripping to you.

Do stinger suits keep you warm?

Stinger and Lycra suits are designed with ventilated weaves and moisture wicking to help keep you warm and dry in hot conditions.

Do wetsuits protect you from jellyfish stings?

They wear drysuits, which do not allow any water to penetrate them. … Because wetsuits offer protection against jellyfish stings and rocky reefs, many swimmers choose to wear them in warm water.

Do wetsuits protect from sun?

A wetsuit offers thermal protection as well as sun protection! Consider investing in one if you like to snorkel in cooler water or if you love other watersports too!

How do swimmers avoid jellyfish?

touch jellyfish, so make sure curious children don’t get too close. swim at times when jellyfish appear in large numbers (a jellyfish bloom) swim in a place known to have many jellyfish, especially on a downwind shore. swim or dive in jellyfish areas without protective clothing.

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What should I wear to protect against jellyfish?

Wear a protective suit.

When swimming or diving in areas where jellyfish stings are possible, wear a wet suit or other protective clothing. Diving stores sell protective “skin suits” or “stinger suits” made of thin, high-tech fabric. Consider protective footwear as stings can also occur while wading in shallow water.

Do I need a stinger suit in Cairns?

We highly recommend wearing the stinger suits – regardless of the time of year – as it will not only protect you from cairns jellyfish stings, but also provide sun protection in the tropical climate. Snorkellers do not need to fear cairns jellyfish on the Great Barrier Reef. Jellyfish are found around the world.

Can moon jellies sting?

The moon jelly differs from many jellyfish in that they lack long, potent stinging tentacles. … The moon jelly’s sting is mild and most people have only a slight reaction to it if anything at all.