How much is rafting on the Martha Brae?

What do you wear to Martha Brae?

Dress comfortable. It’s recommended that you wear a t-shirt and shorts. You can opt for comfortable slippers but sneakers are recommended (water shoes would serve perfectly here).

Can you swim in Martha Brae River?

This exhilarating journey takes about 75-90 minutes on the long, 2 person bamboo rafts poled by your skilled guide. The upper part of the river causes the raft to go at a good pace, before slowing farther down river, where you may stop at “Tarzan’s Corner”, for a swing and a swim, in a calm pool.

How much is rafting in Jamaica?

Martha Brae River Rafting Rates

Martha Brae River Rafting Rates (from Negril) Rates INCLUDE private transportation ONLY
All rates are in $U.S. Rates INCLUDE private transportation ONLY Raft Fees: $70/Raft (2 adults plus 1 child 9 years and under)
Rates $180 $40
Duration: 6 hours Rafting Duration: 1 hour (3 miles)

Is Jamaica open for tourism now?

Jamaica has been open to tourists from all countries since June 15, 2020. Jamaica does have quite a few entry requirements and safety regulations that must be followed, but it’s still one of the best countries open for tourism right now.

What’s the name of the widest largest river in Jamaica?

The Rio Minho is the longest river in Jamaica at 92.8 kilometres (57.7 mi).

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