How much do Jet Ski Lifts Cost?

How much is a Hydrohoist PWC lift?

Prices vary per boat lift as all lifts are custom-configured to each individual boat’s specs and customer’s preferences. That said, the smallest lift for a 4,400 lb. boat under 22′ (6.71 m) start out at $6,400 and range to lifts that can pick up a 32,000 lb.

Can you use boat lift for jet ski?

Dock / Seawall Mounted Lifts

A dock or seawall mounted boat lift attaches straight to your dock and allows easy access to your jet ski or boat.

How much is a used jet ski lift worth?

The average cost is from $1,200-$1,900. Used can be found from $800-$1,200.


Floating Lift Brand Price
Wavearmor SLX5 $1,899

How much does a jet ski floating dock cost?

How Much Does a Jet Ski Dock Cost? Floating jet ski docks cost around $1,000-$1,500 depending on the make and the model.

How much does a HydroHoist cost?

Like other HydroHoist lifts the Shallow Water (which will cost you around $7,000 installed and ready to use) is designed to keep all of your hardware, as well as the boat, above the waterline. The shallow water models are limited in scope, however, with capacities of 5,000 and 7,500 pounds, only.

How do you move a jet ski lift?

All you have to do is detach the mooring and pull or tow the system with a boat to its new location. If your new location isn’t too far, you can even attach a rope or cord to the boat lift system and walk it along the shore or marina to its new location.

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