How long does it take to become a diving instructor?

How do I become a dive instructor?

To become a scuba instructor, you have to be certified as an open water diver (for at least 6 months), advanced open water diver, rescue diver, divemaster, and Emergency First Response instructor (CPR and first), have logged 100 open water dives, and successfully complete the instructor development course (IDC), which …

Is becoming a dive instructor worth it?

It Easy To Get Trained and Find a Job

Many a Gap Year traveler have found becoming a scuba diving instructor is a great way to work and support themselves while traveling. … After completing the training, you might be able to stay on with the dive center that trained you. If not, you are out on your own looking.

How much do divemasters make a year?

Divemaster Salary and Industry

ZipRecruiter reports that in the U.S., a divemaster salary can range from $19,500 to $146,000, and average about $64,802. These numbers reflect different skills levels, years of experience and location. A divemaster salary can also fluctuate depending on the season and the seas.

How much money does a diving instructor make?

How much does a Scuba Diving Instructor make in California? The average Scuba Diving Instructor salary in California is $52,680 as of August 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $48,218 and $58,086.

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How hard is it to become a scuba instructor?

To become a scuba instructor with PADI you need to have been certified as an entry-level diver with any agency for at least six months before you can take the instructor course. Also you need to have an Advanced diver certification, a rescue certification, and a Divemaster or Dive Leader certification.

Can you make a living as a dive instructor?

Most instructors will earn between $18,000 to $36,000, and while this is not great you are doing a job you love, often accommodation is included, and there are chances for progression as experience grows.

How many dives do you need to be a divemaster?

At the conclusion of the program, a Divemaster candidate must have logged a minimum of 60 open water dives. Once the Divemaster candidate completes the requirements for the Divemaster rating, they must complete an application and apply to PADI for the rating.

How much do diving jobs pay?

According to commercial divers and global statistics, the average underwater welding salary is $53,990 annually and $25.96 per hour. However, most incomes float around $25,000 – $80,000. Diver welders in the top 10% make $83,730 while the bottom 10% pull in $30,700.