How expensive is shark cage diving?

Is cage Free shark diving safe?

The number of shark-attack deaths connected to caged or uncaged dives is low compared with other water activities, such as swimming or surfing: In 2013, 10 people died from unprovoked attacks around the world and none during shark dives.

How much does it cost to cage dive with sharks in Florida?

COST: $165 plus 7% tax for the first person and $125 plus tax for the second person. Swim with the sharks on snorkel. (3 hour trip.)

How much does it cost to cage dive in Guadalupe?

Guadalupe Island, Mexico $3595 Per Diver (Five Days)

Cage sightings are guaranteed. Discover the best shark cage diving on the planet at Guadalupe Island with us today…. for less!

What color do sharks hate?

Since sharks see contrast colors, anything that is very bright against lighter or darker skin can look like a bait fish to a shark. For this reason, he suggests swimmers avoid wearing yellow, white, or even bathing suits with contrasting colors, like black and white.

Is it safe to swim with hammerhead sharks?

Hammerheads can grow to 20 feet long, they’re easily spooked, and they tend to swim in large schools. And, yet, divers still seek them out, without the safety of a cage. … Assuming you have plenty of dives under your belt, hammerhead encounters shouldn’t rattle you too much.

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Where can you go cage diving with sharks?

10 Travel Spots With The Best Shark Cage Diving

  • 3 Isla Guadalupe, Mexico.
  • 4 Isla Mujeres, Mexico. …
  • 5 Neptune Islands, South Australia. …
  • 6 Farallon Islands, California. …
  • 7 Cocos Island, Costa Rica. …
  • 8 Tiger Beach, Bahamas. …
  • 9 Galapagos Islands. …
  • 10 Gansbaai, South Africa. …

How much does it cost to cage dive with great white sharks?

Alas, the great white underbelly of South Africa’s amazing undersea wildlife is the growing phenomenon of shark cage diving—where tourists (mostly unlicensed divers) pay between $110-$150 to swim in a submerged steel cage right next to great white sharks who have been lured next to these boats with chum (dead fish, …

How much does it cost to dive with a great white?

Like we said in the intro, cage diving can be a costly trip. The prices vary in high or low season. During high season, when there is much more white shark action around Cape Town, you’ll pay $259 a person for a morning trip. During the low season the same trip is only $185 a person.