How do you win a surfing shield?

How do you beat the surf shield?

Shield Surfing Steps

  1. Step 1: Look for a place to Shield Surf. It is better to do it on a downward slope, since you can pick up speed.
  2. Step 2: Hold your shield up by pressing the ZL button and start running.
  3. Step 3: Tap the (X) button to Jump and quickly press the A button to begin Shield Surfing.

What do you get for shield surfing?

Advanced Course Rewards

Time Reward
1:44 or less Royal Shield
1:45 – 1:59 Knight’s Shield
2:00 – 2:14 Soldier’s Shield
2:15 – 2:29 Kite Shield

How can I surf my shield faster?

The only other thing to know is you can hold forward while shield surfing to get a small increase in speed. Other than that, it’s fairly self-explanatory. Try it enough times, and you’ll be able to race through Selmie’s course with ease.

What are the controls for shield surfing?

To Shield Surf, you must have a shield equipped, and are preferably near downward sloping terrain. While running, press the Jump Button (X) and then while in mid-jump, tap the Shield Parry Button (A) to do a flip while putting your shield at your feet.

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Does shield surfing damage your shield?

However, Shield Surfing on dirt paths or grass does not damage the Shield anywhere near as much,[verificationneeded] and on Sand and Snow, it doesn’t damage the Shield at all. Shield Surfing during Rain further reduces damage done to the Shield and increases speed.

How do you get the best shield in Selmie?

To find it, look for the pillar of smoke. Once inside, speak to Selmie who is the top shield surfer. Here Link can play her Shield Surfing Minigame. More importantly you can fill your Hyrule Compendium by taking pictures of her impressive shield collection.

How do you ride your shield in Zelda?

Once you have the shield and have it equipped, press ZL to bring it up, then, while it’s up, Jump forward and press A in a while on a slope. You’ll jump on it and start cruising down with a decent amount of speed. If just riding it wasn’t enough, you could pull off tricks by pressing Y while riding it.

How do you glitch the surf Shield?

Use Shield Surfing to jump off the ledge (i.e. Shield Jump) and pull out the Bow to slow time mid-descent. If your shield lands on the enemy during the slow-down, immediately stop slow-down by pressing Y, unequipping the bow, or pressing B twice.

Can you do tricks while Shield surfing?

How to Do Shield Surf Tricks. You might think that Link being able to surf down mountains on a shield is pretty cool, but wait until you get him performing tricks. To do this follow the steps above to get Link onto the shield, then press X along with a direction on the left stick.

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Where is the best place to shield surf?

You can shield surf pretty much anywhere there’s a gradual angle on the surface, but it works better on grassy hills, sandy deserts and snow-covered slopes than rocky mountains, as a rule.