How do you wash stinky swimsuits?

Why does my swimsuit smell bad?

Many times, people grab their now-dry bathing suits and get whiff of something that is just totally awful. Usually, that smell is mildew. That mildew smell is typically from the fungal growth of mold, and swimsuits tend to get a bit moldy when they’re left damp in dark and warm places for too long (via Home Guides).

What is the best way to wash swimsuits?

Put the bathing suit in a mesh laundry bag to prevent straps from getting caught. Use a mild, bleach-free detergent. Wash in cold water on the gentle or delicate cycle along with a couple towels or delicates to prevent over-agitation. When the wash has finished, tightly roll all the water out and lay flat to dry.

Can you machine wash swimsuits?

Can you put a bathing suit in the washing machine? The short answer is: It depends. Most bathing suits will tell you on the label that hand washing is preferable. According to ProSwimwear, an international competitive swimwear retailer, the wash cycle can damage the swimsuit’s fabric.

How do you soak a bathing suit in vinegar?

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar with a quart of cool water and let your swimsuit soak in it for 20 to 30 minutes. The cold water will help the vinegar penetrate the fabric, sealing in the color. Fabrics absorb and retain the most water when they first get wet.

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Do you have to wash your swimsuit after every use?

Make sure to wash your swimsuit after each and every wear—even if you don’t go in the water. … Chlorine is harsher on swimwear fabrics than fresh and salt water and can leave bright colors especially susceptible to fading. But don’t throw your swimsuit in the washing machine or use just any old detergent.

Are chubbies machine washable?

In order to enable us to donate even more medical grade masks, we created our very own Chubbies printed mask. … Masks are machine washable.

Can you get STDS from a bathing suit?

It’s extremely unlikely that anyone would contract a disease or infection like herpes or gonorrhea from trying on a bathing suit, because viruses and bacteria can only live outside the body for a short time.

How long do swimsuits take to dry?

The time a piece of clothing will dry depends on so many factors but usually, what we’ve found out is that swimsuits, when laid down flat to dry usually take between 30 minutes – 2 hours. To hasten the drying process, be sure to wring out the moisture out of them gently using a dry towel before taking them out to dry.