How do you take care of a beehive raft?

How do you keep bees in a raft?

Raft: How to Get a Bee Jar

  1. Step 1: Be Deep Into the Story. You need to pretty much be as far as you can currently into the story. …
  2. Step 2: Craft a Sweep Net. To catch the Bee Jars, you will need the Sweep Net tool. …
  3. Step 3: Find the Bees.

Can beehives die in raft?

Summary. While the Bee Swarm is categorized as a Threat, it can also be seen as an environmental object, as they are the prime source of getting Bee Jars necessary to build Beehives, and they cannot be killed. The swarms can be found on Balboa Island,Evergreen Islands, Caravan Town, and Desert Islands.

What do you do with a honeycomb in a raft?

Can be used to create honey jars.

Do seagulls eat flowers raft?

Summary. Seagulls fly around the player’s raft and will attempt to eat any plants being grown on the raft. Any Crop Plots or an Old Shoe with a plant in it may be targeted.

How do I get more bee jar in the raft?

Summary. Four to five Bee Jars are acquired when Bee Swarms are caught with a Sweep Net. While catching bees, be wary that the swarm may deal a small amount of damage while near the player.

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How do you make a raft machete?

The Blueprint: Machete is found on Balboa Island, inside the Mama Bear’s Cave. Once acquired, the Machete can be used as a powerful weapon and can also cut down vegetation and tape that may block the player’s path.