How do you put on a Roka wetsuit?

Can you make a wetsuit smaller?

Absolutely yes, wetsuits can be altered!” … We can alter your neoprene wet suit, microprene, Lavcore or Polartec suit. Generally, making a suit smaller is less expensive than making it larger, because we don’t have to add more material.

Which Roka wetsuit is best?

Top 8 Best Roka Wetsuits Reviewd

  • Roka Maverick Pro II Wetsuit (Women)
  • Roka Maverick MX Wetsuit (Men)
  • Roka Maverick Pro Thermal Wetsuit (Women)
  • Roka Maverick Comp II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men)
  • Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Women)
  • Roka Maverick Pro II Sleeveless Wetsuit (Men)
  • Roka Maverick Swimrun Wetsuit (Men)

Can you wear a wetsuit all day?

No, to wetsuits all day, just for certain activities. Otherwise a light life saving vest is used. over a year ago. You normally have to wear your wetsuit when you go into the water.

Does salt water damage neoprene?

Don’t use hot water or saltwater. Wetsuits are made with neoprene, and both hot water and salt can cause the neoprene to lose its flexibility. So even if you think your wetsuit “seems” nice and clean after you get changed, rinse it anyway. Leaving it covered in salt water can shorten its life.

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