Frequent question: Does Harvard have a water polo team?

Does Harvard have a women’s water polo team?

Women’s Water Polo Program Information

The Assistant Coach of the Harvard University Women’s Water Polo program is Cassie Churnside. Additional key personnel are: Head Coach Ted Minnis. Assistant Coach Jackie Puccino.

Does Stanford have a water polo team?

2021 Men’s Water Polo Roster – Stanford University Athletics.

Does Yale have water polo?

Yale Men’s Club Water Polo is the male division of our two club water polo teams. We are a team open to all of those affiliated with Yale, and those who are either grad students or undergrads are allowed to compete in tournaments.

Does UC Davis have a water polo team?

UC Davis Men’s Water Polo is a perennially ranked collegiate water polo program. Competing at the NCAA Division 1 level, the Aggies have produced multiple All-American athletes, while being honored nationally for their successes in the classroom.

Does the US have a professional water polo team?

College water polo

Water polo does not have a professional tournament in the United States, so the highest level of annual competition is at the college level.

Does Stanford have club sports?

The Club Sports program at Stanford brings together 32 diverse sports and more than 1,200 athletes with the common goal of creating an environment that fosters student development and leadership through sports.

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