Can you wear a divers watch with a suit?

Can you wear a Rolex with a suit?

The most versatile watch widely accepted at almost any occasion is the Rolex Submariner. … Purists will say it’s not appropriate with a suit and tie because it’s a diving watch. That being said, the Rolex Submariner is one of the watches you can wear to almost any situation.

Should watches be under the sleeve?

The first rule is that about 85% of your watch should disappear inside the sleeves while your arm is straight. In other words, your watch should come out fully only when you fold your arm. … The second rule is that your watch should always stay under your sleeve. You should wear your watch under your clothing, not above.

What is the most versatile watch color?

As a bold primary colour, blue is incredibly versatile and pairs easily with most of your wardrobe. Typical buying guidelines are to look for a vintage watch with a yellow gold or silver case — whether it be platinum, white gold, or stainless steel. A blue dial also looks great with brown and black straps.

What color watch goes with a GREY suit?

Grey suits work well paired with an all-black watch, or even lighter-colored watch face and brown strap. Don’t be afraid to experiment! A colored strap can add a bit of character to a dark suit.

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Can I wear a gold watch with a GREY suit?

But certain colors of metal do go better with certain colors of clothes/shoes. Silver watches match best with clothes and shoes in black, gray, and blue shades. Gold watches go best with browns, beiges, tans, and other earth tones.