Can you surf on a bodyboard?

Whats harder surfing or bodyboarding?

If you are a newbie, it is better if you start with bodyboarding. It is easier to learn since you will stay in a prone position, unlike in surfing. Surfing tips and tricks are harder to master. Not only is bodyboarding easier, but it is also safer.

Do I need lessons to bodyboard?

It’ll be scary and take them forever to learn. Instead, we recommend taking some time getting them acquainted to the waves first. Whether that means getting them some lessons or swimming around with them a bit before you whip the bodyboard out, they need to feel confident so that they can have fun!

Why are waves bigger at low tide?

Tide and Surfing

If the tide is too high and rising, each successive wave will push higher, while if the tide is high and falling, the energy in the waves will decrease with each wave. As the tide approaches low tide, the waves will be less powerful and flat.

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