Can you surf in Airlie Beach?

Can you surf in the Whitsundays?

In the areas that you will charter your yacht there are no surf able breaks, pretty much flat water. 4. Re: Surfing in the whitsunday islands. Every now and then there is a massive blow, often called a cyclone, which generates sloppy waves … see here for a session at Mackay …

Can you surf in Caloundra?

Caloundra. The southern end of the Coast has heaps of well-known surf spots, and, like Noosa, there’s some good, protected nooks for beginners. And while you might not face quite as many tourists, you might cop a bit more agro from the locals who aren’t keen on sharing “their” beach.

Is Airlie Beach boring?

Airlie Beach is in itself pretty boring. Its not pretty really but I see it as a staging point to see the islands, reef trip. You can also spend alot of money getting around to the different islands so weigh that up as well. You could spend a few days around Eungalla up the back of Mackay.

Can you surf in Cape York?

Cooktown and the Cape York Peninsula are fringed by long deserted beaches which are ideal for a great day out by the sea. Located about 20 km outside Cooktown signposted from the Mulligan Highway. Often windy, this is a popular spot for kite surfers.

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Where can you surf in Great Barrier?

Great Barrier Island offers some of the best surf on New Zealand’s east coast. Near perfect Pacific swells sweep onto pristine white sand beaches and offer good all year round surfing conditions. The most popular locations are Whangapoua Beach, Awana Beach, Palmers Beach, Kaitoke Beach and Medlands Beach.

Is Dicky beach good for surfing?

Calmer area perfect for learning to surf. Lessons at low tide. Suitable for all ages.

Is Mooloolaba beach good for surfing?

Mooloolaba is a sucky closeout wave which is not really surfable but a great bodyboarders break. It starts breaking at 2 foot and holds 8 foot and the best swell direction is north, northeast. Cyclone season is best waves and the beach gets jellyfish during cyclone season as well.