Can you snorkel Great Barrier Reef December?

Can you swim at the Great Barrier Reef in December?

A: It is safe to swim all year round in Cairns, Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef but it is highly recommended that you wear a lycra suit when entering the water in the warmer months of November-April. … The patrolled beaches are Holloways Beach, Yorkeys Knob, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove and Port Douglas.

Is December a good time to visit the Great Barrier Reef?

When to Visit the Reef — April through November is the best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef, although southeast trade winds can sometimes make it a tad choppy at sea. December through March can be uncomfortably hot and humid, particularly as far north as the Whitsundays, Cairns, and Port Douglas.

Can you snorkel Great Barrier Reef in February?

February Diving Conditions in Cairns

Cairns’ Outer Great Barrier Reef dive sites are all about 60km offshore, which means high coastal rainfall does not really affect diving conditions, unless there has been a high intensity cyclone, which is an infrequent occurrence.

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Can you swim in Cairns in December?

Thanks to the warm weather around the clock, December is one of the best times of year to visit Cairns, so start planning now for your Christmas holiday! … As beautiful as Cairns’ beaches are, you’ll want to take extra precautions when swimming in the ocean at this time of year. Jellyfish are common during the summer.

How many days do you need in Great Barrier Reef?

How long should you stay: It’s recommended to spend at least 3 days exploring the reef. Single day trips from Cairns or Port Douglas just won’t do this place justice.

How hot is Cairns in December?

Summer (December – February)

During summer in Cairns, average temperatures range from 23.6 – 31.4°C (74.5 – 88.5°F).

Can you snorkel Great Barrier Reef in November?

November can be hot and sticky – the “wet season” is officially 1 Nov – 30 April, but it is bit of a moving feast. If you can go earlier (September say), you can usually guarantee better snorkelling and sightseeing weather. A bit like saying that Florida is better in May than August.

What is the average temperature at the Great Barrier Reef?

When in the sun apply a good quality sunscreen, wear a hat and avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water! The temperatures are recorded as average maximums of (Celsius) 30 degrees and average minimums of (Celsius) 21 degrees. The Tropical North has an average rainfall of 2010mm (an average of 168mm per month).

Can you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in summer?

When to go

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For instance, the raining season or ‘summer and autumn months’ are during December to May and the dry season falling in-between May to November. … One of the best features of Great Barrier Reef snorkelling or diving in any season are the dolphins.

Where is the best place to see the Great Barrier Reef?

Queensland’s beloved tropical city Cairns is known for its sunny weather and exceptional natural wonders. Cairns is the number one spot travellers base themselves when visiting the Great Barrier Reef, with hundreds of travellers setting off from the Marlin Marina every day.