Can you kayak to Rainbow Bridge?

Can you bring your own kayak to Lake Powell?

Bring your own kayak and gear to the lake or rent one from an area kayak rental company such as Twin Fin. You can also take part in a kayaking tour with a tour company such as Lake Powell Tours or Wilderness Inquiry.

Do I need a permit to kayak Lake Powell?

Camping on Lake Powell

Most of the camping is primitive in undeveloped sites, meaning there are no services of any kind, and camping is free. You also don’t need a permit or reservation.

Can you get to Rainbow Bridge without a tour?

Access to Rainbow Bridge National Monument is only via boat or by backpacking from Navajo Mountain. Permits are required from the Navajo Nation for backpack trips.

Can you kayak to Rainbow Bridge Lake Powell?

Can I paddle to Rainbow Bridge or The Escalante Arm? No, unless you have lots of experience and 1-2 weeks. Rainbow Bridge is about 53 miles each way and the canyon entrance is can be very tricky, even for experienced paddlers.

Which marina is closest to Rainbow Bridge?

Driving Directions

  • Wahweap Marina: 36.99435, -111.48396.
  • Dangling Rope Marina and Fuel: 37.12109, -111.08169.
  • Rainbow Bridge Dock: 37.08382, -110.97185.
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Can you kayak Lake Powell in November?

Although the weather can be quite cool, especially later in November, the water is still quite warm from baking in the sun all summer. … This makes for pleasant paddling even in splashy situations.

Can you kayak upstream from Lees Ferry?

There are no roads upstream of Lee’s Ferry and no downstream boat traffic below Lee’s Ferry. Below Lee’s Ferry folks must be permitted for a 16-30 day trip. If you have your own kayak we are still happy to backhaul you and your kayak upstream. Gear over 50 lbs typically extreme overnight gear is an additional $35.