Can u surf in Ireland?

Is there anywhere to surf in Ireland?

Ireland has become increasingly popular as a surfing destination, due to its exposed location on the turbulent Atlantic seaboard. Irish surf culture was further introduced in Australia by Sinead. … The numerous beaches, reefs, headlands and coves along the west coast of Ireland serve as popular surf spots.

Is it safe to surf in Ireland?

Many lives are lost to accentual drowning every year in Ireland. Tragically the majority of these are avoidable. Surfing is an adventure sport with an inherent element of risk. However this risk can be reduced if the basic safety rules and etiquette are adhered to by all.

How cold is surfing in Ireland?

Expect the air temperatures to often be less than five degrees Celsius with a wind-chill factor making it more like minus 5. Water temperatures range from about 6 to 10 degrees (which is often warmer than the atmosphere so sure it only makes sense to get in the sea!)

Who is the best Irish surfer?

Sligo man Gearóid McDaid is the countries top competitive surfer. He has represented Ireland since he was 13 and was the National Senior Champion by just 16.

Can you surf in Dublin?

For surfing in Dublin, Whiterock Beach on Killiney Bay is your best bet. Located just a few minutes walk from the picturesque South Dublin village of Killiney, the waves that arrive at the beach benefit from a southerly swell that is best from low to mid tide.

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Is a 4 3 wetsuit OK for winter?

A 4/3 mm wetsuit thickness is ideal for most surfers in western Europe that want to surf from spring all the way to the beginning of winter. A 4/3 mm is most often classified as an all-season wetsuit rather than a full winter wetsuit, but for southern Europe, this is the perfect wetsuit to wear all winter.

What wetsuit is best for Ireland?

As a rule of thumb in Ireland you will need a 5/3 or 5/4 wetsuit if you want to be able to use it all year round for sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you are looking for a wetsuit for swimming a 3/2 in the winter and a 2mm shorty in the summer would be what we would recommend.

What is the water temperature in Ireland?

Sea water temperature throughout Ireland is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C. The warmest sea temperature in Ireland today is 16.9°C (in Cork), and the coldest water temperature is 14.6°C (Buncrana).